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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Papua New Guinuea


    Our School projects have been interesting to say the least in PNG. We are currently developing a number of schools near Port Moresby and further away in the hill surrounding Port Moresby. Some of the locations have been so remote we have had to helicopter large materials in. Its amazing how much you can still achieve with some planning and the right team. It’s a challenging but exciting environment to operate. We have been travelling past the Kokoda Trail Memorial for the Anzac troops which is very moving. It is right at the start of the Trail. Local people have been very welcoming of our operating in the area and of our projects. They are extremely skilled in construction, we have been working with many of them to achieve great results.

  • Resource and Mining


    We have been busy delivering several projects into the Mining Industry this years, not to mention Nebo near Mackay. It was a multi million dollar accommodation project that created 192 rooms in our 2 story design and a large mess hall for the village kitchen and amenities.

    We have also been operating in WA, a place called Laverton near Kalgoorlie. This project is ongoing and is for 144 rooms, a Laundry facility and a utilities room. Barrick Gold have commissioned our services on this build and are impressed by our 2 story designs. The occupancy rates double per square metre with these designs.

  • Massive equity in 6 months and a Reno by us

    • Bought in Toowoomba QLD in 2011
    • Positive Real Estate client purchased for $475,000.
    • Red Dog Group Renovated it really well.
    • It’s online for sale with Ray White for $659,000
    • That’s $184,000 (gross).
    • Not bad for a renovation / flip and they didn’t even need to strata title it yet.