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The Red Dog Delivery practice maintains an integrated management and communication network that supports business unit objectives by developing and implementing strategies, optimising people resources, championing technology tools and bringing consistency across operations while assuring a high level of certainty for safety, performance, quality, cost and schedule. Red Dog Projects maintain an effective ability to plan, execute and complete projects by applying well-developed systems and programs driven by a philosophy of early construction involvement with a focus on facility startup.

  • Acquisition advice
  • Development Management
  • Value Management
  • Working together safely so there is “no harm” to people
  • Alignment with project goals and client’s team
  • Projects are execution driven
  • An experienced leadership team
  • Full capabilities in all elements of construction management
  • Time Management
  • Project and Audit Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Ability to do construction management globally
  • Front-end loading to minimize uncertainties
  • Early implementation of construct-ability program
  • Comprehensive work packages
  • Workforce planning management program
  • Effective integration of engineering, procurement, and commissioning
  • Site progress assessment
  • Contracting strategy to maximize local participation
  • Materials management control and coordination
  • Effective handover and commissioning planning and execution readiness for operation
  • Independent Certification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Client Representation
  • Tenant Advisory

We understand that team work and forward thinking combined with strategic planning and due diligence are essential to delivering our promise of Gold Class service. All stakeholders are incorporated to achieve high end productive and profitable results. Management is one of the most critical components to any project. We at Red Dog Group like to take the time to accommodate all our clients objectives and aspirations from a project. That is why Red Dog Group repeatedly deliver the best projects in a competitive market place.

With varied contract packages available.